Holding Pattern Continues - Expect slight hour change

April 29th update. 

Governor DeWine's most recent update has the phase-1 re-opening beginning early May, so there is hope we will see each other soon. We fall under the category of "gyms" and will part of the phase-2 reopening (timing TBD). Premier Shooting and Training is planning on shifting their hours again (a trend starting before the COV-19 crisis, made more complicated now); this instance, the venue hours will affect us.

This is not 100% confirmed yet, but we expect that our mat time will be shifted to a 6:30PM-7:30PM slot (still on Mon and Wed); note, this is still the latest time-slot available. We hope that will not interfere with work schedules.

As mentioned before, when we do reconvene we'll keep our ~6foot distance and practice weapons initially.

We'll be in touch with updates. Stay safe,

Dojo Cho Sensei Domaschko
Sensei Lindberg

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