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Mushinkan Dojo Photos


ZAA Instructor's Seminar WV 2012

ZAA seminars occur several times a year across the US.  See theZAA Events (Link) for details.

Recently an Instructor's Seminar was held in Charleston, WV.  Many photo's are on the ZAA Facebook page  and their Media Page (Link). Here are some Mushinkan Dojo snap shots :

Mushinkan member Seth confesses to enjoying only the first 35% of the seminar (his first seminar experience).  So he missed the group photo, but there is evidence he attended:

Greg Noble Sensei - Video Demos

Some Training from Zenshinkai Chief Instructor Greg Noble Sensei Note many still images of Aikido demonstrations are on the ZAA Media Page (Link)

Ryotedori sokumen iriminage

Shomenuchi Jiyu waza


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