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Sensei Null Photos available

Sensei Null's Album of the July 2015 Weapon's Seminar  is now available; I believe this is a public link, but check  it out and let Seth know if it doesn't work for you. Mushinkan Members - Photo Album on Google Drive  (photo's by Heidi) currently available only to our members, but if no one objects we may open the access and/or post in a Facebook album. ....actually, these are posted in an experimental Google Plus Folder .  Try it :)

No Class Mon Sept 7th (Labor Day)

No Class Mon Sept 7th (Labor Day), since the Adrenaline Facility is closed during our normal meeting hours.  Class reconvenes on Wed at 7PM.  Have a safe holiday weekend. A lot of tests are coming up, so please peruse the requirements and communicate the methods you'd like extra practice on:  2014 Adult Testing Requirements PDF   (Link to Document)