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Class resumes Mon Jan 5th

Happy new year!  For clarification, class resumes next Monday Jan 5th., 2015. i.e. no class tonight (12-29-2014).

Congrats to Erin - Plus Holiday Schedule

Congrats to Erin, now 3rd Kyu! 2014-2015 Holiday Schedule: Wed Dec 17th - class on Mon Dec 22nd -   class on Wed Dec 24th -  no class Mon Dec 29th   - not confirmed; please tell Dave or Seth if interested Wed Jan 31st - no class  Mon Jan 5th- class on!

Congrats to Connor and Seth Lindberg, now 5th and 2nd Kyu

Congratulations to Connor Lindberg on passing his 5th kyu test and Seth Lindberg for passing his 2nd kyu.  Seth was surprised to learn the unofficial title of brown belt is "Dan Toy". He can't wait for the next seminar now.