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Full House at Mushinkan

Just capturing a full house this week.  Always great to see Hanna and Connor visit in between college semesters. Cheers!  

Another Visiting Scholar - Lehigh University

 Last month we had some guests from Purdue.  This round we welcome Mehrnoosh from Lehigh University as she travels through West Chester.

Visiting Scholars - Team Building via Aikido

  Team building! April 2023, Purdue Professor Erk and group members Parth and Matthew get a trial visit at Mushinkan Aikido Dojo while on a business trip!

May 3rd No Class

 Note the schedule for next week: Monday May 1st, 7-8PM Class as normal  Wed May 3rd, we will not have class. Monday May 1st, 7-8PM - Class as normal