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Dec Class Schedule - and Wed

Recall....Wed Dec 12th, our class will have a special venue:  Raymond's Pizza    7328 Yankee Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45044 (same parking lot as the Kroger that's just south of where class meets) Nominal meeting time: ~class time 7-8;  Seth to arrive ~ 6:30PM   (He's buying :) to express thanks for years of support toward Shodan) And the schedule for the following Dec-Jan transition (enjoy your Holidays!): Mon 17th & Wed 19th : class as usual Mon 24th & Wed 26th: no class  Mon 31st: no class ...   Wed Jan 2nd 2019: class resumes !  

Mushinkan Dojo - Holiday/Celebration

Wed Dec 12th, our class will have a special venue:  Raymond's Pizza 7328 Yankee Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45044 (same parking lot as the Kroger that's just south of where class meets) Nominal meeting time: ~class time 7-8 Seth to arrive ~ 6:30PM  (He's buying :) to express thanks for years of support toward Shodan)

Mushinkan Class Schedule Nov 2018

Class is on Monday Mon Nov 19th as usual Class cancelled Wednesday Nov 21st (Happy Thanksgiving) Class is on Monday Nov 26th as usual

Seth Lindberg - now Shodan

Another ZAA Instructor’s Seminar has come and gone. Mushinkan Dojo would like to thank Noble Sensei and all the Teaching Committee members for the great instruction in both how to perform techniques and how to teach.  I cannot say enough about the caliber and quality of everyone who attended. Our time on and off the mat strengthened our connections and friendships. As always everyone of us gave our attention and sacrificed time to make the seminar awesome. Mushinkan Dojo also has the great pleasure of announcing that  Seth Lindberg  was promoted to Shodan this weekend. Mushinkan Dojo is thankful to Seth for his years of dedicated practice and help developing the Dojo.  In gassho, Domaschko  Sensei  [Thank you, Sensei, Mushinkan, and ZAA. I am very grateful for reaching this milestone. Years of training with local Mushinkan members and at many of the ZAA seminars developed me; the journey has just begun of course. Looking forward to growing more, helping others, and develop

Congrats, Ryan Williams 4th Kyu

Congrats, Ryan Williams now 4th Kyu!

Congrats Chris Kelly 7th Kyu

Congratulations Chris Kelley, now 7th Kyu! Also, we welcome Nicole back! 

Congrats - Daryl Everding 2nd Kyu

Congrats to Daryl Everding, now 2nd Kyu!

Labor Day - No Class

Sept 3rd, we will observe Labor Day celebration instead of practice. No Class Mon. We will see you Wed Sept 5th by 7PM as normal.

ZAA Weapon's Seminar Photos on Flickr

Images of the ZAA Weapon's Seminar are on Flickr (link)

Wed Aug 1st class is cancelled.

Upcoming Class schedule-next Wed class is cancelled. Mon July 30th - class on Wed Aug 1st - class cancelled  Mon Aug 6th- -   class on

July4th-No Class AND 3week Reminder

Wednesday July 4th no Class (Enjoy the Holiday) ...and a reminder....  It is just ~3weeks until the Weapon's Seminar.  July20-22th Weapon's Seminar Info (West Chester OH) Link Please RSVP to Sensei Domascho if you have not already.

Erin Sighting 2018

2018 Erin Sighting Welcome back!

July 20-22 Weapons Seminar PDF Brochure

Zenshinkai Aikido Association - Weapons Seminar in West Chester OH ( July 20-22, 2018) Brochure & Seminar Form Zenshinkai Weapons Seminar - July20-22th - Mushinkan hosted PDF link Greg Tetsuzan Noble Sensei is the Chief Instructor of Zenshinkai Aikido Association. He began his Aikido training at the early age of fifteen, and is now ranked Rokudan (6th degree black belt) Aikikai. He also holds black belt ranks in Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaido and Shindo Muso-ryu Jodo, and has long-term formal training in Zen. Noble Sensei is a certified Zen Teacher and Roshi under Zen Garland, an international organization for Zen training, and is Dharma Successor of Paul Genki Kahn Roshi. The study of Aikido weapons is paramount to our understanding of the aspects of distance, timing, body movement and intensity within our practice. At this seminar we will cover the ZAA weapons curriculum at all levels. Please join us for a ZAA seminar dedicated to weapons practice! Venue:  Premie

No Class May28th (Memorial Day)

Monday May 28th, class is cancelled (Memorial Day) See you all Wednesday May 30th by 7PM (with Summer hours starting our ASF site, we'll try to start a bit earlier if you can make it) And don't forget to place July 20-22, 2018  on your calendar, for the ZAA Weapons seminar hosted by us (Mushinkan Dojo); hosted at Premiere Shooting & Training Center , West Chester OH.

Ryan Williams - 5th kyu - Pass

Congrats to Ryan Williams, now 5th Kyu!

Mushinkan Hosting Weapons Seminar - July 20-22 2018 in West Chester Ohio

More to come on this, but we do have dates and a venue arranged for a 3-day Aikido weapon's seminar (part of the Zenshinkai Aikido Assocation  series). Save the date...and look forward to a cool brochure.  Date: July 20th – 22nd, 2018 Location: Premier Shooting & Training Center 4845 Premier Way  West Chester, Ohio 45069 Google Maps

Class cancelled due to inclement weather. Mon Jan 15th.

Class cancelled due to inclement weather. Mon Jan 15th. Drive safe. See you Wed at 7PM

Jan 15th Mon - Class is on

Mon-Jan-15th is Martin Luther King Day: our gym (Adrenaline Sports & Fitness) is open and class will be on.

Jan 8th, Class Still On (For Now) See You at 7pm

Inclement weather messed up many schedules this morning (cancelling local schools), but our gym is open (Adrenaline Sports & Fitness) and roads & weather are expected to be okay this afternoon... so class is still on for tonight at 7PM. Please drive safely.

Holiday Picnic? See you Mon. Jan-8

Mon, Jan 8th, Class resumes normally at 7PM! Adrenaline Sports & Fitness's Winter schedule affected class on Jan 3rd; it prompted an ad-hoc Holiday "Picnic" at Raymond's Pizza (finally, we delivered on Sensei's vision to have a holiday celebration). Missed Nicole and Ryan W., but were graced with Master Silver's presence.  Stay warm, and see everyone Monday. New students expected then!  ? Mushinkan January Picnic ?