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Transition to Premier Training facility on Wed Feb 13th (and class shifts an hr)

We are transitioning to a venue next week. We are excited to become part of the Premier Training Center's offering of martial arts. This is the same facility that hosted our Aikido Weapons seminar last summer (and will host again this July). CURRENT VENUE The next two classes will remain at Adrenalins Sports & Fitness  Wed Feb 6th, 7-8PM Mon Feb 11th, 7-8 PM  NEW VENUE & TIME Class will remain on Mon and Wed, but class times will shift to 8-9PM You can enter early to warm up and tour; Sensei Domaschko and Lindberg will be there >15min early.  Wednesday Feb 13th  ... come to the new place, for the 8-9PM class Premier Shooting & Training Center 4845 Premier Way,  West Chester Township, OH 45069  Direction Link - Google Maps