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Aikido Training Continues - Safely

Classes are Mon and Wed,   6:30PM - 7:30PM at   Premier Shooting & Training . We continue practicing Aikido while "distancing", which means we wear masks, pair up with family members, and focus on weapons instead of close-contact throwing.    Practicing with weapons enhances our understanding of maintaining proper distance with opponents and improves our footwork. Plus it is fun. Looking for safe activity during these crazy times? Consider training with us.

Masks are expected

Members, The Governor has ordered masks to be worn in public spaces in the red zones (i.e. Butler county OH). Seth and I will be wearing masks for class and adjusting practice to accommodate the wearing of masks. Any mask you feel comfortable with is fine. If you have any issues with a mask we will make accommodations for your needs.  We will not be doing ukemi practice in the warm-ups. We will continue with weapons only. The rest of the martial arts classes at the dojo will also be wearing masks.  If you have any concerns or questions please let me know. As always our intention is to practice and transmit the art Aikido as safely and respectfully as possible.  Sincerely, Sensei Dirk Domaschko