COVID-19 Class Announcement

In response to the COVID-19 situation, we plan on only working on the weapons curriculum for the next 2 weeks. This will eliminate skin-to-skin and close-contact.

We will be focusing on the kata, kumijo, kumitachi and possibly Iaido if there is interest. There is plenty of curriculum and detail to work on with the weapons. We will bring extra weapons for any who need them. After 2 weeks (~end of March) we will reassess and go from there.

We will also be complying with the cleaning and sanitization going on at Premier Shooting & Training. 
The facility plans to remain open and we plan to train as safely as possible as long as we can.

We also recommend washing your gis after every class and wiping down your weapons. 
Of course, if you feel unwell take the time to get better.

We think these steps will address the current situation. If you have concerns or recommendations please let us know. Martial arts training is a deeply personal choice and challenging in the best of times, as it is supposed to be, but if you have concerns at this time we understand.

Dojo Cho Sensei Dirk Domaschko 
& Sensei Seth Lindberg

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