Typical Class Structure

Class begins with stretches, warm-ups, and basic exercises. This is followed by a demonstration by the instructor. Students work to mimic the demonstration to the best of their ability, under the guidance of the instructor. After each individual demonstration, time is spent to enhance the effectiveness of each student’s technique. Beginner students are supported throughout the learning process.

Our curriculum includes focus training, in the form of meditation, so that students may further their awareness skills and overall martial mentality. For this, a brief intro will be provided.

Try a Class

Coming in to try a class is a great way to determine if Aikido is a good fit for you. Your first few initial visits are complimentary, provided you contact us prior to attending so we can expect you. All you need is sweat pants and a T-shirt. You must also provide a signed copy of our waiver to Domaschko Sensei. Please email or call to schedule your visit.

Email us: OhioAikido@gmail.com

Call: (513) 400-3656