Class Times: Mon and Wed, 8-9 PM

Visitors are welcome.

For visitors that are new to Aikido, we recommend a complimentary trial class.

For visitors with previous or current Aikido experience, we require a $20 mat fee, a signed copy of our waiver before training, and training that is safe and courteous. Visitor(s) with previous or current Aikido experience must contact us at least 24 hours in advance and include your name, current or previous dojo, and rank. Understand that we work to preserve a very specific style of Aikido and appreciate that visitors with previous Aikido experience come to experience and learn it. We do not accept teaching and pointers from visitors--please come to learn only. The more receptive you are to our teaching, the more you will learn.

For any visitor(s) that displays improper etiquette or unsafe training, we reserve the right to dismiss the visitor(s) at any time. We practice safely and require proper courtesy and respect within our dojo. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our dojo safe and courteous.

Photography is prohibited.

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