What is Aikido?

Aikido is unique among martial arts in that it emphasizes blending and awareness rather than force or resistance.  Aside from the recent popularity of Aikido in Hollywood, Aikido is a rapidly growing martial art in the United States. Aikido is currently the martial art of choice among police forces nationwide because of its emphasis on controlling an attacker rather than intentionally causing injury.

The Way of Harmonizing Energy, Aikido, was developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) and is based on traditional Japanese unarmed combat and weapons arts (sword and staff). Aikido emphasizes the use of blending with an attack rather than blocking and resisting. Its techniques rely on proper posture and balance. Aikido practice not only develops your cardiovascular system but develops your coordination and concentration as well. Aikido techniques rely on redirecting an attacker's force and either applying a joint lock with a pin or a powerful throw to neutralize the attack.

About Our Dojo

Mushin Martial Arts was established by Domaschko Sensei in 2008. It is a founding member of the Zenshinkai Aikido Association (ZAA), a national organization dedicated to developing and maintaining quality, professional Aikido instruction.

Our instructors and student members work to encourage new practitioners as they work to learn the art. Beginners are welcome in our dojo.


Adult Classes (age 13+):

Mondays:  7:00 to 8:00 PM

Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:00 PM

Youth Classes (ages 6-13) : 

Intermittent or combined with Adult (please call/email


Your first few initial visits are complimentary, provided you contact us prior to attending so we can expect you. To start, all you need is sweat pants and a T-shirt. If you decide to join, you will need a standard, white Judo gi. Please email or call to schedule your visit.
Email us: OhioAikido@gmail.com

Call: (513) 400-3656 

Membership is $70 per month for a single member; family rates exist for multiple members. Occasional testing fees and yearly dues also apply (nominally $40, but may vary). Domaschko Sensei can set you up with our payment system.

Before training in our dojo, you must provide a signed copy of our waiver to Domaschko Sensei.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can practice Aikido?

Aikido can be practiced by anyone in reasonable health, regardless of athletic ability or previous experience. Since Aikido techniques do not require great physical strength, men and women of all ages can practice together.  Please see above for our adult and youth class schedule. Mushin Martial Arts is dedicated to helping anyone who wishes to learn this dynamic martial art.

How Do I Start?

Email or call our chief instructor, Domaschko Sensei, and let him know when you want to begin (see email and phone below). All you need is a pair of sweat pants and sturdy or old  T-shirt. A standard white Judo type gi is the all the uniform you need if you decide Aikido is right for you.

Are There Tournaments?

No. Aikido is non-competitive; there are no tournaments or trophies.  The goal is “victory over yourself.”

Are Size & Strength Important?

No. Aikido uses circular and angular movement to redirect and neutralize aggressive energy via the use of joint locks, nerve locks, pins and powerful throws. These do not rely on size or strength.

Will I Learn How to Use Weapons?

Yes. Aikido, in part, was derived from sword techniques. The bokken (wooden sword), Jo (short staff), and tanto (dagger) are part of our curriculum. You will learn how to properly use and defend against these weapons, both weapon-to-weapon and weapon-to-empty hand.

What is the instructor saying?

Aikido terminology is based in Japanese.  For instance, the exercises, techniques, and counting are often spoken with Japanese words.  Upon joining, a document of basic terminology can be found in the members section of our website. This will help you further understand our terminology.